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The main reason we started Wax Talk with Raw Mints was to connect with collectors and investors from around the world. We have had guests from all sides of the earth and we are always interested in hearing the perspective of others.


We're really excited to hear your response to one of our "Ask The Hobby" questions of the week. Once we receive your response, we will edit your audio clip into one of our podcast episodes. That way we can give you share it with the world as well as offer our feedback to your response. Please keep in mind that my nieces and other kids listen to this podcast, so please try not to use profanity.


As a thank you for your participation, we will highlight and tag you in our posts involving the episode you are featured in, as well as give you page a shoutout in the future in our mentions day via our instagram story.


We may not always agree, but we can always respect each other's views in the process. This is the power of the human experience. 

Thank you for being a part of the podcast, we are forever grateful for your support!

Carlos & Bruce


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